Suspended unit

Product description

Standard version of the SPS-DUO suspended compact air handling unit with highly efficient double heat exchanger.


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700 to 4,500m³/h
Device type
Automation system
Filter types
Coarse (G4)
ePM10 (M5)
ePM1 (F7)
Heat recovery
Up to 82%
Offices, shops, restaurants, gyms, small public buildings

Product features

SPS-DUO suspended air handling units are highly efficient supply and exhaust air handling units. They have been designed especially for rooms with limited usable space. They can be easily mounted in the ceiling void, directly under the ceiling.

The SPS-DUO suspended air handling units are produced in 2 sizes covering the air output from 700 to 5,000 m³/h.

Heat recovery in the SPS-DUO air handling unit is performed by a set of two rotary heat exchangers ensuring up to 82% temperature efficiency.

  • filter classes: G4, M5, F7
  • foundation: Suspended
  • water/freon cooler
  • double rotary exchanger
  • axial beam fans
  • electric heater
  • water heater
  • full automation and Plug&Play


The design of the SPS-DUO suspended HVAC units is based on a self-supporting shell. The unit’s enclosure is formed by type C shell panels and removable panels. The panels of the HVAC unit are made of aluzinc outer metal sheets and galvanised inner sheets forming the cladding for a mineral wool core. The mineral wool core has good thermal insulating and sound attenuating performance. The thickness of the insulation is 50 mm.

A double rotary heat exchanger is used in the SPS-DUO air handling unit. The applied rotors are driven by a common V-belt with a low-speed motor without mechanical transmission, which reduces the electrical energy consumption.

SPS-DUO units are suspended as a standard, however it is possible to place the unit on legs. The suspended unit is operated by a system of sliding covers, whereas the unit placed on legs is operated from the top. Construction of the casing allows for expansion of the device by adding other functional blocks, such as water/freezer cooler.

The SPS-DUO unit is characterised by a high heat recovery ratio of up to 82%.

Double rotary exchanger applied

Innovative modular design

(elimination of heat bridges, reduction of noise levels)

System of sliding covers

Possibility to extend the system with additional functions:

filtration, silencers.


Choose your unit

Unit size Weight Dimensions Air output Energy consumption
[kg] [mm] [m3h] [kW]
width (B) height (H) length (L) min. max. motor power el. heat. power
1 320 1260 635 1880 700 2400 0.5; 0.78; 1.35 3-12
2 450 1560 785 1880 2400 4500 0.78; 1.35; 2.5 6-15

and Plug&Play

For manufactured air-handling units, VBW Engineering delivers complete automation systems. VBW Engineering can also install, commission, and service the HVAC units with the aid of highly qualified and experienced service personnel. The HVAC unit control solutions are always adapted to the specific project requirements for the building and its users’ individual needs.

The idea of the PLUG & PLAY automation system is to prepare the control system of the air handling unit so that it is ready for immediate operation.
VBW Engineering offers air handling units together with a factory-fitted automation system. Internal wiring and switchgear with the controller mounted on the air handling unit.


Advantages of using
the PLUG & PLAY system

Reduced installation and commissioning time
(cost reduction)
Commissioning without disturbances
caused by difficult atmospheric conditions
Electrical connections made and checked by
qualified technicians
electrical terminations, certified cable junction boxes and connections
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