Product description

BO-CK desiccant dehumidifiers are innovative devices used in ventilation systems where one of the most important processing parameters is maintaining a low level of process air humidity. Reduced air humidity in many cases determines the quality of products, reliability or efficiency of production and packaging processes

1,400 to 8,000 m³/h
Device type
Automation system
Operating temperature range
from -20℃ to 40℃
Maritime industry, fuel industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, construction industry, warehouses, museums and archives

Product features

The range of dehumidifiers consists of 7 sizes, but there is no limitation on larger units. There is the option of a customised unit in terms of materials and air output. The dehumidifier works on the principle of moisture absorption through a specially prepared rotor on the basis of an adsorbent. The rotor is insensitive to the dehumidifier standing still for long periods, which means that even full saturation with moisture does not affect the efficiency of the device.

The dehumidifier operates with two air streams of different sizes. The larger air stream (process air) is dehumidified as it passes through the dehumidifier, while the smaller air stream (regeneration air) is used to collect the accumulated moisture and eject it outside the dehumidifier.

  • high efficiency at low temperatures
  • low regeneration air temperature
  • environmentally friendly silica gel rotor
  • internal heat recovery
  • reduction of heat loss achieving thermal bridge coefficient TB1(M);
  • increase in tightness (hydraulic / acoustic leakage)
  • reduction of casing elements 9%
  • support frame is the foundation and transport element, and the floor of the unit
  • weight reduction 4%
  • the use of large metal sheets results in a reduction of the number of sheathing elements
  • the use of large sheets results in a reduction of waste, which is important for the preservation of the ecological aspects of production
  • increase in rigidity (deep processing of the sheets)


The construction of BO-CK units is based on self-supporting technology. The casing and floor are made of galvanised steel sheet on both sides with hydrophobic insulation, and the filling between them is mineral wool. The mineral wool core has good thermal insulating and sound attenuating performance. The thickness of the insulation is 50mm. The HVAC units are provided with flexible duct connectors which isolate the vibration transmitted by the ductwork on site.

Environmentally friendly silica gel rotor

Additional heat recovery exchanger

Reduction of heat loss

(achievement of thermal bridge coefficient TB1(M))


Choose your unit

Variant Weight Dehumidification efficiency Air output Energy consumption
[kg] [kg/h] [m3/h] [kW]
min. max
1400 SP 290 10,1 500 1400 10,5
2400 SP 290 16,5 800 2400 19,5
3400 SP 290 20,5 1000 3400 19,5
4500 SP 350 30 1500 4500 29,2
5000 SP 350 31,4 1550 5000 29,5
6000 SP 470 36,7 1700 6000 33
8000 SP 550 50,6 2500 8000 45,8

and Plug&Play

For manufactured air-handling units, VBW Engineering delivers complete automation systems. VBW Engineering can also install, commission, and service the HVAC units with the aid of highly qualified and experienced service personnel. The HVAC unit control solutions are always adapted to the specific project requirements for the building and its users’ individual needs.

The idea of the PLUG & PLAY automation system is to prepare the control system of the air handling unit so that it is ready for immediate operation.
VBW Engineering offers air handling units together with a factory-fitted automation system. Internal wiring and switchgear with the controller mounted on the air handling unit.


Advantages of using
the PLUG & PLAY system

Reduced installation and commissioning time
(cost reduction)
Commissioning without disturbances
caused by difficult atmospheric conditions
Electrical connections made and checked by
qualified technicians
electrical terminations, certified cable junction boxes and connections
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